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About Shoreline

Sunday Worship Time:
          10:30 am

          769 North Locust Street
          Oak Harbor, OH 43449

Phone: (419) 898-6700
Fax: (419) 898-6701

Lead Pastor: Bill Blue

* All emails are listed on 'Our Team' section.



Join us in person or online through our Facebook page.  Our on-campus service will be outside however, if weather does not permit,

we will move service inside.



 This month we start our new series, 'Reset'! 

We will be looking at the reset that Jesus is bringing about in our lives and here at Shoreline! Reset is not about returning to the normal that we knew, but instead allowing God to bring us back to a better normal, to our potential in Christ! 


Facebook page!

 Hope to "see" you there!


Please take a moment to let us know who all joined us for worship and let us know how we can be praying for you. We invite you to fill out as much information as you're comfortable with. Thank you!

Shoreline Communication Card


Talk Sheet (and song sheet) 10/11/2020) 

Talk Sheet 9/13/2020

 Talk Sheet 8-30-2020


Shoreline Media

What to Expect

After you park and enter through the middle doors, a greeter will point you in the right direction based upon your needs. Our dress code is simple - just wear clothes! The style of dress is anywhere from dress casual to cargo shorts and everything in between. I would call our style of music contemporary, while at the same time respecting our heritage. Our music selection is based upon the purpose of the service instead of a specific preference.

The message is given in more of a teaching style; complete with video, power point and message notes. The focus for our preaching is to help people apply God’s Word to our everyday life. We would ask that you would complete a communication card for us that will be inside of your bulletin. We will not send our Ninja visitation teams to your door - we only want to send you a thank you card and gift for visiting with us. We understand that you could have chosen any other church in the area to visit and we want to show you our appreciation for checking us out!

We trust that your visit will be both meaningful and relevant.



Our Response


The Leadership of Shoreline Church cannot wait to have everybody back together again at our Sunday Services! You can participate in Sunday Services either on-line through our Facebook Page or you can attend on-campus. But we want to remind you that continuing this opportunity is a team effort.

We are doing all that we can to make sure that you are safe and comfortable, and we need your help, too.

What Shoreline is doing…

  • Limiting capacity to allow enough space for social distancing.

  • Providing masks and hand sanitizer stations.

  • Sanitizing high-touch surfaces and nursery before services.

  • Staying abreast of the coronavirus trends and best practices for a safe environment.

  • Requiring masks for indoor services.

  • During outdoor services we require people to wear masks until they are seated and socially distanced. Then all can take their masks off.

  • All those leading the service, whether that person is singing, playing music, praying, reading, or speaking can remove their mask.

What you can do…

  • Please wear your mask as addressed in the above statements.

  • Do your best to be sensitive to others and social distance in creative ways.

  • Choose the safest worship experience for you. If you are high-risk, we encourage you to continue attending our on-line service and keep in touch with our community through virtual groups and other forms of contact. We hope the outdoor option will be of benefit to you.

  • Respect & love those who have a different opinion on this than you do.

  • Join us in a mask-burning bonfire after all of this is over.

I am sure you have heard it from your car insurance company and your favorite shoe brand, but we really mean it when we say – we are all in this together! So, whether you join us online or in person, we love you and we will see you soon! God is good and He is in charge!

Pastor Bill

*While the Scriptures below will not change, the policies above will change as government policies change.

(Philippians 2:5-8; Luke 10:27; Romans 13:1-5)