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Growth Groups are the most effective way to; make new friends, grow in Christ, and make a difference here at Shoreline.

There are three different types of Growth Groups available here at Shoreline:

Study Groups: The purpose of study groups is to help one another become more like
Christ by studying and applying God’s truth about a specific topic.

Home Groups: The purpose of home groups is to build a dynamic community of believers by helping them to know and become more like Jesus.

Core Groups: The purpose of a core group is to study and acquire the basic knowledge and skills needed to be a disciple of Christ.

We believe that there are three key benefits you will experience by being an active part of a Growth Group:

  • Grow in your walk. People grow best in a team/family atmosphere where they connect with one another around God’s Word.
  • Grow relationships. Over time you connect with some key people you will want to know and be known by.
  • Grow in spiritual maturity. It is our desire that you acquire a few significant relationships that are built around helping one another mature in Christ; through the application of God’s Word and healthy accountability.

Growth Groups meet monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly. Groups will meet at various locations; homes, at church, and at public locations. Home Groups meeting times are set by the groupal that every attender at Shoreline becomes involved in a Growth Group. They meet to have fun, grow spiritually, serve others, develop solid relationships, and to encourage one another in their progress of becoming a disciple who can make disciples.

Study Groups are offered throughout the year:

  • Spring - Sign up in January and meet from February through April.
  • Summer - Sign up in May and meet from June through August.
  • Fall - Sign up in September and meet from October through early December.